La Maison Arabe has taken our world-renowned cooking workshops to a different level. We've opened a new cooking school, located at our Private Gardens just outside the city. The school is set in an organic kitchen garden, so participants can pick vegetables and herbs they’ll use to season their delicious Moroccan tagines. The cooking classes are run by the dadas of La Maison Arabe, who have been sharing their culinary secrets with thousands of guests over the years.

The school boasts 16 individual work stations, each equipped with a closed-circuit screen, so participants don’t miss a single key step or spice.

La Maison Arabe launched the first cooking school in the Kingdom of Morocco in 2001. Our new space includes a few cooking school “firsts” in Morocco. At our traditional wood-fired bread oven, guests can watch as delicious Moroccan flat bread known as tanourt is baked by placing the dough along the oven’s heated clay walls. In the school’s large underground outdoor oven, a méchoui, Morocco’s equivalent of a BBQ, can be organised: whole lambs pit-roasted to tender perfection.

Guests at our new cooking school now get a fuller and richer Moroccan culinary experience, and can even enjoy Moroccan wine pairings.

We encourage a hands-on experience. However, the new cooking school can also accommodate groups seeking a simpler demonstration cooking class.

Our cooking school is designed with easy-to-use modern equipment found in everyday kitchens. At the end of each workshop, participants dine on the meal they’ve prepared. At a typical half-day workshop, you’ll learn to prepare an appetizer and a main dish, or a main dish and dessert. Price includes transfers between La Maison Arabe and our new school 15 minutes away. Details upon request.

600 Dhs per person : 1 person to 16 people
Private cooking workshop : 8.000 dhs (from 1 to 13 participants)